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*Orders are shipped on Tuesdays and Fridays. However, we ship more frequently whenever possible. MMP always tries very hard to achieve next day shipping, but it is not always possible. 

* Please note that if you are trying to contact us about overseas order status, orders are not tracked across the US boarders. Overseas tracking is only avialable with overnight shipping using the USPS, and overnight shipping prices start around $40.

* Orders to the UK and Europe in general, generally take about 7-10 days, from the date of shipping, but occasionally, they may get stuck in customs for up to 30 days. This is not in our control. If you order on Friday, and it ships on Tuesday, and takes 10 days to get there, that is 15 days. After that, there may be a hang up somewhere.

* Orders to Australia generally take about 4-10 days from the date of shipping. This almost always goes very well, if not better, than expected. Rarely a problem with OZ.

* Orders to Canada vary widely between 4 days and 30 days. We don't know why, and can't control it, but most Canadians seem to be used to it. We assume it is aggressive customs. Or, it's the use of Wooly Mamoths, and Dog Sleds, for postal deliveries, and lack of snow cover. We are still not certain. ;)

* Orders to Norway, Finland, Ireland, etc., are expensive to ship, but usually go well, with 6-14 day shipping times.

MMP works very hard to make sure everyone always gets what they paid for. (even when the customer makes a mistake with thier shipping address listed in thier PP account, and it gets delivered to their office in Chicago, instead of thier home in Washington).

MMP will always offer refunds to customers that have made a mistake on thier order, or are not completely satisfied with their purchase, for any reason. Simply notify us within 7-10 days of the purchase, and return the item unused, and in resellable condition. Buyer is responsible for return shipping fees.

It does get busy at MMP, and there are no dedicated communications personel on staff. Therefore, multiple or daily e-mail questions regarding shipping status on overseas orders, may not always be able to be responded to right away. Please see above guidelines.

Please refer to the shipping guidelines listed above. Pay-Pal disputes that are filed 4-10 days after the purchase date on overseas orders, should be refrained from, and can only be viewed as unwarranted, unrealistic, and impatient. Yet, it is becoming a frequent behavior in some countries, and is resulting in shipments to some countries being denied. No MMP customer has ever needed to file a PP dispute to receive their items, ever. With MMP you will always get your items, even if you didn't realize that your ex-wife's business address was listed on your PP account.

If in doubt, please contact MMP at the contact points listed below, and we will make sure that you get your order, and any errors are straightened out ASAP.

Please note that multiple e-mail addresses are being monitored. Sending a copy to both addresses listed below assures quickest response times.


E-mail to:,

Or, contact by phone at: (612) 730-7151


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