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The Sting!

For those of you who just can't get enough of the Paramount built Schwinn Stings of the late 70s and early 80s.


Like so many of us, I raced Schwinn bicycles for years.

I never got over the Schwinn Sting.

Pictured above and below is my original 1981 Schwinn Sting.

It was a bike that was simply intense.

It had a 5 inch head tube, double butted tri-ovalized tubing, and was hand brazed and polished to perfection.

So when I started collecting them, I wanted to collect all of them. And by "All of them" I don't just mean the SX-2000, the Sting Competition, and The Sting. I mean, I wanted to own all of them ever built!

Since that time, I have curbed my appetite some, but it's not completely sated just yet....

Here are a few of my bikes in my Schwinn Sting collection for you to enjoy.


Above is a 1980 Sting Competition. This bike was purchased NOS with no paint from the factory closure. This show chrome job was it's first finish. The stem is adorned in 24Karat gold plating.


This blue beauty is a favorite of many. This is a 1980 Sting with original blue paint.

Below is a 1980 Schwinn Sting in original chrome. As with most of the bikes in my collection this has Swiss made EDCO bearings in the headset, and bottom bracket.

This beautiful black piece of vintage racing iron is a 1979 Sting with original black paint.


The Three Amigos.....


This is a 1981 Sting. This is the one that started my collection. The show chrome on this one is outstanding, giving it the name :The Bling Sting"...


I take many artistic liberties in the decoration of my home. There is nothing better than 3 dimensional art!

As many of you know, Schwinn is (sadly) no longer a family owned business, and has been purchased by Pacific Cycles.

However, in 2005 they introduced a bike with "The Sting" namesake, and although it is far from being hand built in Chicago in the Paramount room at the old Schwinn plant, it is a pretty cool ride!

Below is one for my Son to inherit in a couple of years. This is a 2006 Schwinn Sting with Skyway graphite Tuff Wheels and Kool Caps installed!

I will try and update this site as bikes and photos change, but hopefully now there is a site for Schwinn Sting lovers to enjoy! ...TC

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